Alliance ChemDry

Fire Restoration

fire damage restoration by FRANCHISEOn being appointed to assist in the restoration of a fire damaged property by an insurance company, a FRANCHISE  technican is sent to inspect the affected areas.

Once an estimate has been authorised, the technician will contact the policyholder to arrange to commence or complete necessary work.

In dealing with the incident some or all of the following procedures may be carried out, although policy cover may restrict the nature and extent of work to be undertaken. For example, if your policy is buildings only then the technician will not be in a position to remove fire damaged building materials, i.e. kitchen units or remove excess residue from walls/ceilings etc.

Initial consideration will be given on emergency work to prevent further damage and to the health and safety of the policyholder and family, the restoration technicians and any other subcontractors that may need access to the property.

Emergency work may involve the following:
  1. Site safety-have gas and electricity supplies been made safe?
  2. Ventiliation of the property.
  3. Removal of burnt/charred building materials and/or content items dependant upon policy cover.
  4. Application of granular odour counteractrants to control airborne odour particles.

Following the completion of the emergency work, a detailed assessment of the damages to the buildings and contents will be undertaken.