Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Domestic carpet cleaning services Liverpool & the North West. Patented quick-dry technique to achieve better results more quickly.
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Well maintained carpets and upholstery help ensure a healthy home by reducing the amount of dust and allergens that are present.

Chem-Dry carpet service is designed to ensure that your carpets are as clean, healthy, and as beautiful as possible.The Leading independent research recommends cleaning your carpets every six to twelve months to help eliminate mould, dust mites, pet dander and bacteria.

You’ll be amazed when Chem-Dry brings back the colour and life to your carpets and suite. When you see the difference, you’ll know how Chem-Dry became the world’s favourite carpet cleaning company, why we’re recommended by leading carpet and upholstery manufacturers world-wide and why major insurance companies refer people to Chem-Dry.

Why Choose ChemDry for your domestic carpet cleaning?

  • Chem-Dry uses carbonation and a non-toxic, residue free solution that produces millions of sparkling effervescent bubbles which quickly penetrate the carpet fibre, dissolving dirt, grease and most stains.
  • These bubbles actually lift dirt to the surface for extraction.
  • We then use a soft absorbent pad to remove the final soiling and as much moisture as possible.

Guaranteed Quality From Alliance Chem-Dry